Wound Healing & Aftercare


The Ultimate Aftercare Guide

One thing I feel we really should know inside out is wound healing – after all, that’s exactly what we are doing during a PMU procedure – creating a dermal wound.

Good aftercare is essential to minimise infections, scarring, making sure your client has a comfortable experience and of course – retention!

Do you know why you advise clients the aftercare that you do?

Do you know the effects each ingredient in your product has on the wound healing process?

Unfortunately, this is something in our industry that never seemed to update alongside techniques, pigments etc and a lot us are advising clients to dry heal, use A&D ointment and so on, without knowing the damage this could be causing to the bodies wound healing response.

So, I spent a long time researching wound healing, watching some fantastic webinars and have put together this guide for you.

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