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Layla Hinchen

Layla is a multi award winning artist and educator with over 17 years industry experience and 13 years teaching. Company director of a successful clinic & training academy, Layla is also the creator of the The PMU Circle.

Combining educational content with a community feel & continued support, The PMU Circle is aimed at artists of all levels. With a passion to raise industry standards and share knowledge - The PMU Circle is the perfect platform brining artists together from around the world

Pro Expert

Claire Raymond

Claire Raymond rapidly became one of the most sort after PMU Artists within the Southwest, as soon as she became part of the PMU industry back in 2016.

Her drive to achieve perfect results every single time, as well as her constant thirst for knowledge, has lead her to train with many of the worlds best Permanent Makeup Artists.

Claire prides herself in continuously updating her skill set to adapt with our ever evolving industry. This drive hasn’t gone unnoticed leading her to receive many prestigious, national and global awards for her work over the years with 2022 being her best year yet, being awarded Eyeliner Artist of the year!

The name Claire Raymond is now rapidly growing within the PMU industry as an exceptional Eyeliner Artist, with PMU Artists from across the globe seeking to learn her skill set.

Pro Expert

Emily Ponte

Emily has over 23 years experience in the beauty and cosmetic industry. Realising her passion and wanting to focus on more specialist treatments, she has focused the last 8 years in Permanent Makeup.

She has worked with some of the worlds leading specialist trainers and gaining a wealth of knowledge and advanced qualifications, giving her the experience & knowledge to train others! Emily provides advanced 1-2-1 training for qualified artists in her beautiful Hertfordshire Clinic.

As a testament to her skills Emily has won & been a finalist in several industry awards including 3rd place in the Micropigmentation UK awards, Highly commended (2nd place) in the Safety in Beauty Awards, and more recently being nominated in the top 3 for most supportive artist of 2020 in the online PMU Circle awards.

Pro Expert

Lucy White

Lucy first became interested in permanent make up when looking in to having her own eye brows tattooed. Fascinated by the transformation that these procedures can create and the confidence they can promote in people she realised that She wanted to train in this field.

Lucy now runs a busy clinic and is proud to be solidly booked up around 4 months in advance throughout the year.

In 2019 Lucy achieved finalist status in several prestigious awards - Micropigmentation UK, The PMU awards and The British Hair and beauty awards.

Pro Expert

Kally Moorhouse

Kally has always looked for ways to adapt and experiment to get a better results in PMU and Areola. Pushing herself and not being tied down to boundaries!

Kally took to the art Areola Tattooing with a real passion. In the last 4 years Kally has treated hundreds of ladies to new areola tattoos, these ladies show such courage and strength and the treatment really does complete their journey.

Kally has won a number of awards in both PMU Hairstrokes and also Areola Tattooing. She opened and started her own training academy called Ology Academy and have taught some super talented artists in PMU and Areola Tattooing along the way!

Pro Expert

Ian Walker

Creative director of Bellate Beauty & Skincare education, owner & founder of Haus of Aesthetics, Haus of Micropigmentation & Haus of Ink and most recently Co founder & managing director of PAA, Ian has a wealth of knowledge & experience to share with you.

"The skin to me is just a canvas, the creation of beauty is my art. Being able to build someones confidence through improving their features is something that i take very seriously and feel honoured to be asked to perform."

Pro Expert

Gemma Henderson

Gemma is a well known and well thought of Permanent Makeup technician within the South West.

Gemma has a massive love for the industry and this is shown in her work. Her precision and perfection means you will receive the highest quality treatment, her Signature style is soft and natural.

Hairstroke brows are Gemma’s ultimate passion, these have won her multiple awards since her career started in 2016. Best Newcomer in 2018 (UK PMU Industry Excellence) and Best Hairstroke Artist 2020 (The PMU Circle).

Gemma has also gone on to create an extremely successful webinar based on her Hairstroke style. Gemma offers a variety of permanent treatments and will tailor each one to your individual needs.

Pro Expert

Paula McDonald

Paula found her way into permanent makeup through illness and losing her own eyebrows. When she had them tattooed, that was a turning point in her life. During her illness Paula perfected those drawing skills and spent multiple hundreds of hours getting it right, it was her therapy.

Paula is now a master trainer for Plasma Elite and DermaplaneUK as well as for her own Academy.

“I am a bit of a newbie to the PMU world compared to many but my view on the world is very much be kind and help when you can. I try to do this every day. It’s a bit dog eat dog out there in PMU land and if I can cancel some of that out, my job is done for the day. I am an over sharer, I gain nothing from keeping secrets. It occasionally gets me in trouble.”

Pro Expert

Debbie Clifford

Debbie Clifford has become one of the most sought-after specialist permanent makeup artists and trainers in the world.

Throughout her career Debbie has been trained by some of the best in the world. She has completed many courses and attended dozens of master classes. She herself is now an international trainer for Goldeneye Micropigmentation.

Debbie has a BA (Hons) Degree in Early Years Development & Learning with the Norland Diploma and always had an interest in art and beauty. Debbie has been trained in many medical procedures such as areola reconstruction, scar camouflage and micro needling. She is also one of the few licensed trainers in the world to teach Milena Lardi’s Tricopigmentation techniques.

Pro Expert

Alice Kingdom

Introducing Alice Kingdom: Embracing over a decade in the realm of permanent makeup and advanced beauty, Alice Kingdom stands as an ardent aficionado. She wears her "geek" badge proudly, fueled by an authentic ardour for the science behind treatments, product finesse, and the joy of knowledge sharing.

As the visionary behind Body and Brows, Alice is revered for training and counsel within the industry. Her journey boasts multiple industry accolades, captivating talks at global summits, and triumphs in PMU event planning.

Recognizing the thirst for accessible education, Alice broadened her horizons by launching online courses, drawing a global cohort of eager students. Moreover, she leads as the luminary orchestrator of the prestigious PMU Conference and Awards in the UK.

Alice's chief mission as a mentor is to empower her students with the skills for optimal client satisfaction. Renowned for her patience, lucid teachings, and approachable demeanour, she fosters a haven for learning.

Pro Expert

Becci Gibbons

Being within the Beauty Sector for 20 years, half of that has been with the added skill of Permanent Makeup - This is when Becci’s true passion was lit! Continuing her education with some of the worlds biggest leading artists has helped keep skills relevant and safe in everything Brows, Lips & Eyeliner

Seeing the changes in the industry over the years further helped Becci divert her pathway to teaching and helping students in certain ways that she feels lacked back when she first started out. Being praised on her generous sharing and leaving no secret uncovered, Becci buzzes from sharing knowledge with her students and other artists.

She has since created a step-by-step “recipe” for her signature DiamondBrows™️ which has taken off well with artists, and clients!

Becci is the proud owner of Diamond Quay & Training at DQ. She also holds monthly clinics in Guernsey at her sisters salon, Diamond on the Island

Pro Expert

Jenna Leigh

A former PMU Artist with a passion for helping others succeed. Award Winning Mentor Jenna Leigh shares her story .... At the age of 17 I had my first full-time job working as an account manager for Zara a corporate travel accommodation company. From here, I continued in full-time employment specialising in Sales and Marketing for over 10 years until I decided to train in Microblading at the age of 30! I soon knew I needed to learn the machine method so 3 months into microblading I took a course in machine brows, then lips and then eyeliner!

My clinic was fully booked within the first 3 months of starting and it continued to grow with a healthy list of future bookings. I then took my experience and opened my academy, which I sold in 2022 so I could fully commit to helping people like you, with making your business a success (Whatever success looks like for you)!

My Academy hit 6 figures in its first year and continued to grow consistently reaching £250k in its fourth year. In the pandemic, when my academy and clinic closed I decided to start helping others in the industry with the areas that came naturally to me but hard for most others .... Business, Sales & Marketing. And here I am now ... 2 years down the line and I've won awards and helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs and my mission to help many many more!

Pro Expert

Mary Hall Scott

My background is extensive in both the corporate and medical professions. At the age of 30, I enrolled in school after many successful years in business. Entering the medical field as a Radiologic Technologist and a Radiation Therapist, I worked for over 15 years in emergency rooms, level one trauma settings and cancer centers. Currently I am a Permanent Make-up Artist, Paramedical Tattoo Artist, Educator (Co-Founder of PMU Collaborative) and Tattoo Supply Company Owner (MicroPMU Tattoo Supply).

My mission is to provide clients with alternatives to look their best, enhancing the way they feel about themselves. I provide my clients a feeling of comfort, as they relax in a beautiful spa setting. As a make-up artist, I have an “eye” and "artistic talent”, that helps clients decide on the procedure that will be appropriate for them. My medical background gives me the knowledge and experience to assure my clients that the procedures are safe. It allows me to work with medical physicians such as: Ophthalmology, Neurology, Oncology, Endocrinology and others. I treat patients with Macular Degeneration, Parkinson’s, Cancer, Alopecia, and Diabetes, just to name a few disease states. My passion for this field continues to grow as my abilities allow me to help endless numbers of people. This is a winning combination and my clients receive the full benefit of my experience and knowledge. 

After years of experience I advanced my career by opening Permanent Makeup Designs Academy, which has been transformed in to PMU Collaborative.

Pro Expert

Kevin Langley

Kevin Langley is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the beauty and aesthetics industry. He has honed his expertise in laser services, with a specialisation in laser hair removal and hair loss treatments with injectables. With a deep understanding of the latest techniques and technologies, Kevin is committed to providing exceptional results for his clients and students alike. His passion for helping individuals achieve their desired aesthetic goals shines through in his work. Kevin Langley is the name you can trust.

Pro Expert

Alex Mechenici

Alexandra has become an inspiration in the industry. With an unmatched volume for knowledge and thirst for research, she's accumulated extensive knowledge in her 8 years career, which she shares with her followers and students every day. She’s inspired thousands of Artists to broaden their horizons, to learn more about the products and tools they use, and most importantly to understand the ‘WHY’ behind the ‘HOW’. She believes that a ‘strong foundation makes a strong house’ and has an analytical approach to teaching, going deep into the details to help artists be more versatile.

She’s an international educator, has judged various competitions and the founder of an Academy in UK. She’s mentored and shared her secrets with hundreds of students who have since become successful artists and teachers. Alexandra isn’t only passionate about education but also about innovating tattooing techniques. Perpetually exploring better tattooing methods, she’s very proud of her signature ZigZag Shading which she uses in creating Nano Brows, Misty Ombré Eyeliner, Lips Blush & Misty Ombré Brows. 

Pro Expert

Natalie Della Verde

Natalie Della-Verde, the owner of BADGAL Brows, is a passionate PMU Artist and Educator based in the vibrant city of Leeds, UK. With years of experience in the industry, working with a diverse range of clients. Natalie has established herself as a true expert in the PMU World & has a particular interest in providing education on working with Melanin  Rich Skin. 

Natalie offers comprehensive training both online and in person in brows & PMU with hundreds of students from all corners of the globe. Her commitment to sharing valuable knowledge has made her a sought-after guest speaker & demonstrator at conferences, such as the UK PMU Conference, The Eyebrow Festival, and The AAM PMU Summit.  podcasts, and Instagram Lives, where she generously shares her expertise with the wider PMU community.

“I enjoy sharing my experiences & expertise within my industry.  Connection is key & leads to collaboration, which helps foster a wonderful sense of community where we all learn & grow together! I love connecting with artists from around the world so let’s connect! 

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