Hairstroke Patterns


Access to Layla’s top 2x Hairstroke patterns – broken down into a step-by-step, ready for you to learn and practice.


Save time and download our ready-made forms & leaflets! 👩‍💻

These are fully editable versions via Canva, if you do not already have a Canva account you can sign up for a free one 🙂

This will then allow you to edit any text, change your brand colours and replace with your own logo. 👩‍🎨

Once you’ve completed your purchase you will receive a link to your Canva template.

PMU Downloads – Legal Statement

This document is for personal use only. Any PMU Downloads are not permitted to be reproduced or transmitted for sale without prior written permission from Layla Hinchen PMUAT Ltd. Any person breaching copyright may be liable to criminal prosecution and a claim for civil damages. This material is intended for use only by the artist that has downloaded the form direct from THE PMU Circle.

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