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The PMU Circle Pro not only gives you 24/7 access to online education from world renowned trainers, you will also have access to the PMU Business Builder Course worth £997 and you will join our dedicated support network, with industry leading professionals and artists of all levels, from around the globe.
About Jenna

Meet Jenna, our resident sales & marketing expert for the PMU Circle Pro! Stay tuned for monthly zoom trainings & Live Q&As!

Have you recently started your permanent makeup business and now you have no idea how to run a business, how to reach your goals, and how to get clients through the door??
Do you have these problems?...

DON’T PANIC! We know EXACTLY how you are feeling and have helped over 100’s of permanent makeup artists get their businesses off the ground with our PMU Business Builder course!

Hi, I'm Jenna Leigh, our exclusive Permanent Makeup Business, Sales & Marketing Mentor. I created this course to help give new permanent makeup artists direction, clarity, support and the education that is missing to starting and growing a successful PMU Business!
Jenna Sales and Marketing
Jenna Leigh

The PMU Business Builder consists of over 20 lessons broken down into the following areas...

Business Planning and Goals

Without knowing where you want to go, how can you make a plan to get there!! Having a plan and goals will keep you focused and motivated, meaning you will feel less like you are running around like a headless chicken not knowing what you are doing from one minute to the next!

Research Analysis

You have to be aware of the industry and who is around you. Researching others in your area that offer the same services can help you understand industry standards and to help you identify your unique selling solution so that you are clear on why people should choose you as their permanent make up artist.


from your logo, to your instagram grid to the way you show up online, branding is an important part of your business identity and will attract the right clients to your business.


Learn how to set up your social media profiles the right way in order to attract the right people. Where else should you be visible and why? This will give you an idea of how and where you will need to be seen for your clients to be able to find you.


Do you actually know how much a treatment costs you before setting your prices? Or did you just price our treatment cheaper than the person down the road? Did you add your marketing budget onto your pricing too??? This module will help you make sure you are charging your worth including how to increase your customer spend.


did you start your business to be working in the evenings, answering messages at midnight and become a PA in your own business?? This module will help you get your booking system doing a lot of the work for you. It will also touch on taking payments, cancellation policies, complaint policies so that you have a structure to each client that you serve meaning you will have more time to concentrate on tasks that actually bring you in the money!

Ideal Client & How To Attract Them

Ever heard the saying ‘sell to everyone, get no one’ well that's exactly what you are doing if you do not know anything about your ideal client, know their problems and emotions! This module dives deep into who your ideal clients are meaning you will be able to talk to them and attract them through your content.

Content Creation

What does this even mean? To attract and nurture potential clients we need to make sure we are engaging with them and connecting with them either online or face to face. This module will take away so much overwhelm when you come to post on your social media accounts meaning no more hours of sitting there trying to choose which picture to post and your brain going dead with what to write!

Organic Marketing

Where and how do I get clients ... This module will teach you at least 10 ways you can organically get new clients meaning there is no more guessing in the dark and more consultations being booked in!! Including how to get case studies or models to grow your portfolio and to get you started in your business!

Over £10,000's worth of content

This course is worth £997 BUT you will get access as soon as you become a member of the PMU Circle PRO!! Along with your access to over 20 recorded masterclasses to help you become a better artist worth over £10,000!!

You will also get a monthly live Q&A with Jenna Leigh where you can ask her anything to do with business, sales and marketing, including instagram, website audits, member spotlight

AND you will also get 1 monthly live workshop with Jenna Leigh teaching you valuable and educational lessons that will help you and your business grow!

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